Vintage catalogs and reader submissions are great, but every once in a while we come across some really unique and interesting resources.  Someone recently advised me to check through old US Patents for vintage wheel design information.  With great excitement and hope, I dug in, did some research… and poured through literally […]

Patented Design

You may not have heard of Topy Enterprises. That is forgivable. Although Topy has been producing wheels for more than 85 years, and today is a huge multi-national manufacturer, their focus has tended more towards commercial endeavours. They have served as a manufacturer for OEM application wheels (Nissan and Isuzu), […]

Topy Jovite

It’s been too long since anything happened at KyushaShoes. It would probably still be sitting idle, like it has for the past 11 months, if it weren’t for some serious stimulus from you readers. It started with a long lost AE86 friend stumbling upon my very first set of kyusha […]

Back To Work

Not my true sentiment… it’s just an excuse. It has been awfully dead in here lately, with no updates to the database coming for a full year. It’s time to shut it down. Thanks all for your contributions over the past decade, and my apologies to those who have inquired […]


You may have noticed my list of Work wheels double in the last week.  I’ve done so with the help and encouragement of Work Japan.  Exciting indeed, but I’m hoping it’s just the beginning.  Find more history on their Facebook page.  Good stuff.

A Historic Work