Rare Finds

お久しぶりです。 I should be apologetic, after all, I’m the guy who more than a year ago now wanted your emails… but I’m only one guy, and you all easily overwhelmed me. If you submitted content, and I didn’t respond, be sure that I checked things out and flagged your contributions […]

Square Wolf

Some Canadian guy put the coolest wheels ever manufactured for a Toyota on his FRS, and it makes me extremely horny. Tom’s is making a modern Igeta for the ZN6, but it looks pretty lame with modern positive offset. WRONG CHOICE Tachi Oiwa Motorsports!

His Name Is Not Tom But…

Check out this reader submitted photo of Volk C1’s…. complete with aero rings and centers.  I’ll admit, this is the first time I’ve seen a fully assembled C1… and it has rocked my world.  If the Millennium Falcon needed wheels, you know they’d look like this. The same reader also […]

Rare Carbon

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, JAWA (Japanese Alloy Wheel Association) released a very limited edition book detailing the history of the wheel, and the Japanese Alloy Wheel.  As the standard setter for alloy wheels in Japan, JAWA has tested and stamped practically every wheel ever produced in Japan.  This […]

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