Fatlace announced a collaboration with AME back in 2010, and finally something has come of it.  They are calling it the AME FZero1 and FZero2, modelling them after original 1980 productions.  While I am not at all a fan of Fatlace and their brand, I will concede that they’ve done […]


Given the cost and complication of importing wheels from Japan, it’s always pleasant to come across rare finds on this side of the Pacific.  These Weds likely date back to the seventies, and they are currently not even in my database.  They look great though… especially on the back side.  […]

Marry These.

Four hole Star Sharks are relatively common.  These five holes are on Yahoo Auctions this week.  If I’ve seen these before, I certainly can’t remember.  Seems like 15″ would be a more useful five bolt diameter though.

Five/5 Points