Speed Star MK.2

The second wheel from Speed Star was the MK.2 – a four spoke wheel which would utilized a more conventional three-piece construction, compared to the MK.1.  The original wheel had a twenty-five year long production run, but was revived again in the new century after it’s death in 1996.

Over time, the wheel appears to have stayed true to it’s original form.  Slight differences in ribs and design exist on the back of wheel centres between various diameters.  Markings did change slightly over the years, with the earliest wheels showing no JWL/VIA markings.  Early wheels also require a shank still wheel nut.  All use backwards mounted “スピードスター” signature assembly bolts though.

Available colours were silver, gold, orange, red and black.

With some huge widths available, and a classic design from what is considered by many to be THE Kyusha Wheel manufacturer, the MK.2 is a high ranking wheel, that is still relatively attainable given it’s long production run and popularity.

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スピードスター, マーク2


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