Enkei is a big time wheel builder. The Hamamatsu based company was one of four original JWL manufacturers.  On a global scale, they are easily the most recognized Japanese wheel brand, and entered foreign markets in a big way before anyone else from Japan did.  Enkei makes wheels for OEM applications. They make wheels for […]

Mass Appeal Wheel

My spelling is often terrible… but you can’t blame me here.  I’m just trying to accurately portray history. In 1980, if you purchased a set of Rays Engineering Volk, or Xray wheels, they came with a nifty plastic card that insured your wheels against theft.  The translation reads: Volk & Xray […]

Rays Guaranty Card

You may not have heard of Topy Enterprises. That is forgivable. Although Topy has been producing wheels for more than 85 years, and today is a huge multi-national manufacturer, their focus has tended more towards commercial endeavours. They have served as a manufacturer for OEM application wheels (Nissan and Isuzu), […]

Topy Jovite

Target these! The wheel of a sophisticated man: 3-piece Command. In racing, a 3-piece wheel has merit because, strength and rigidity and lightness can be maintained while making the rim wide. A 3-piece wheel however, though theoretically superior, cannot achieve a high rating unless it is accompanied by advanced technology.  With […]

Hayashi Command