Weekly Wheel Roundup Pt. 1


At Kyusha Shoes we really love the hunt for new and interesting finds. This search often comes with new discoveries, scarcely seen sets and oddball sizes. We want to share with you a weekly collection of rarities that we know you’ll love. Stay tuned each week for this new series to see what we come across and prepare yourself for the first installment of the Weekly Wheel Roundup!

First up is an often unthought of brand when it comes to vintage alloy — Spalding, specifically, the MESSAGE-II model. A seriously cool tri-spoke wheel, complete with centercaps and great condition original stickers. Specs as follows: 14x6J 4H / 114.3 +15.


Next is a set not yet in the database here. The Southern Ways Mini-POP. This adorable wheel is featured new in the box in a tiny 10×4.3 4H / 110 +38, perfect for adding some flair to your kei car!


While vintage 4×114 wheels are quite common the 4×100 pattern can be somewhat more difficult to source. Here we have an amazing set of aero inspired wheels recently refinished. Presumably under the Colin brand model LEHNLEC. While we try and gather more info on these enjoy the images! 14×6 4H / 100 +35.


Hayashi Streets are one of the most iconic vintage wheels, but also readily available and a dime a dozen on the second hand market. That being said, the seldom seen center lock version is a seriously cool find. While this set has been up for a while it’s still totally worth sharing. STF Centerlock 15×6.5 4H +32.


Lastly this newly discovered model of Bridgestone’s Sharak line the X-4. A very neat one-piece wheel that really nailed the old vintage style. Size is 13 6J +10.

We hope you enjoyed the first series of the Weekly Wheel Roundup and to celebrate kickstarting this new series a few bonus finds to follow. Keep a lookout for some serious updates to the database and feel free to share your own discoveries with us. Happy hunting!

Bonus finds:

Bell Racing BRS-112

Unknown Multi-piece

Riverside r109f