Weekly Wheel Roundup Pt. 3


Kicking things off this week is a very cool design from arguably Japan’s most popular wheel brand… Speed Star Racing. Seen under a few different names like the Speeder Aero Development, Speedster Fin, and just Development Fin. As a lonely single, sized at 15×6.5J 4H / 114.3 +20 this would make an awesome display / collectors piece for a starting bid of only 4,000 yen! Check it out here.


Following that is another SSR product in collaboration with famed tuner Hasemi Sport. This uncommon model is the S5-2 in a very period correct and staggered 17x8J +31 / 17x9J +37 5H / 114.3. This wheel, like the Hasemi PROT-GT, comes with a red and blue center cap. Unfortunately this set is only pictured with the red (more like fuschia) cap. Check out the listing here.


Next is an iconic kyusha wheel in a pretty uncommon 5 bolt pattern. The Devil Japan Shadow Spoke came in a variety of sizes, and I love how they slightly altered the design for the 5 lug option! The hunt for 5H 3-piece version continues. This minty fresh single in 14×6.5J 5H / 114.3 +9 can be seen here.


AC Courreges via Yamako, has some of the most wild designs out there, and the ACG does not disappoint. Its recognizable pink and powder blue color scheme with flying hearts make this one of the most adorable wheels ever. This super rare wheel is featured in a palm sized 10x4J +40. Check out the full listing here if you think you have what it takes to pull off this look. [edit: this set sold for 49,000円]


Next we have a very cool design that doesn’t always come to mind when thinking of vintage wheels. The Fanica Road Hunter (Migu) Mig Cross. This aggressive set measures in at a staggered 13x7J +3 and 13x8J -11 4H / 110. Unfortunately no center caps are pictured. Take a look at the full listing here.


Lastly a pair that has been taunting me for a few weeks. The SSR Aim is a quirky tri-spoke model that is very seldom seen. This pair is listed in 13×6.5J 4H/ 114.3 +5 and needs a little love to be brought back to life. Not pulling the trigger on these has been quite the challenge. Challenge your own self-control by checking out the listing here as we wrap up part 3 of the WWR!