Weekly Wheel Roundup Pt.4


We’ve made it to part 4! While the watch list is always full of different wheels, it’s no easy task to narrow down to only 6 examples a week. That being said check out this weeks picks that made the cut!

Number one is a prime example of the Yamako Silverstar Lupus aka the Silverstar II. Made by Enkei, this minty example comes in a very flattering light gold and silver. This set in 14x6J 4H/114.3 +18, sold at auction for 20,500 yen. Not a bad deal for such a clean set.


Next up is a very cool set of Takechi Project Racing Hart D/Spec Superlative Dish. This rally inspired design doesn’t show up too often, and what makes this particular set even less common is its dual-drilled 5H/4H pattern. Specs are as follows 16x7J 4H-5H/114.3 +35/+48. Quite the setup! This set sold for 45,710 yen.


One of my personal favorites is the Pasco Fame Bilbo. This pair in 5H is plain cool, with a distinctive period design, deep slant lips, aged patina, what more could you ask for?! Sized at 14×7.5J 5H/114.3 +4, this pair of Bilbo’s is available here starting at 25,000yen.


Plugging away we’ve got a rare model from RS Watanabe, the Falcon Mesh. A seriously neat take on a mesh wheel from the company best known for their 8-spoke wheels. Check out this pair modestly sized in 14×6.5J 4H/114.3 unkown offset here. Starting at 19,800yen these might be worth picking up!


Hasemi Sport makes another appearance this week, only this time it’s the S5 Model, again made by SSR.The S5 came in a ton of sizing options with the magnetic locking center cap as well as examples with a standard screw on cap. Although these can still be seen pretty regularly, what makes these stick out is their wild factory specs – 15×9.5J 4H/114.3 -39!! Available on yahoo bidding is set to start at a substantial 120,000yen for the PAIR. Check out the listing here.


To finish up this week we have a very rare mesh model known as the Wood Bell Pole Position. This is an often overlooked vintage wheel that usually doesn’t command a ton of money when and if they do come up for sale. This pair is well sized in 15×7.5J 4H/114.3 +1 and can be seen here.