Weekly Wheel Roundup Pt. 6

4 luggers rejoice on this weeks Weekly Wheel Roundup!

Weds Albino Racing aero dish is a wheel that doesn’t pop up often. The aero-inspired saucer style is no doubt iconic when thinking of kyusha wheels, and Weds does it right. Between this color option and white/gold, we’d be hard pressed to pick a preference. This single is sized in 15×6.5J 4H/114.3 +20. Check out the listing here.

Next up another aero style wheel.. the Heroes Racing Super iSpeed! This turbine look-a-like wheel has one of the coolest features and adjustable PCD. No need for dual drilling here, simply flip the lug bearing around and move these from your Nissan to Honda… then back again to your Toyota. Versatility at its best. Listed here in 15×6.5J 4H/ 100-114.3 +20.

The funky four-spooke River Side R-104 is an ultra-rare find at best. Available in black and gold and a variety of sizes. This particular seller has two pair available in both 7J and 7.5J. Hopefully someone get their hands on both pairs and keep these rarities in the family. Sizes are 13x7J +0 / 13×7.5 unknown 4H/114.3. Check them out here and here.

SSR Star Mesh is an early design from Speed Star Racing that we love. These are some of the cleanest samples we’ve come across and look like they haven’t even been mounted. Hidden away in some garage waiting to roll. Complete with centercaps, this pair in 13×7.5J 4H/114.3 with a mystery offset likely in single digits, can be seen here.

The Mugen CF-48 is a wild circuit board looking wheel one can’t help but like. Sets can be found without too much hassle, but the trick usually becomes not breaking the bank to find examples complete with bolt-on aero covers. What makes this set stand out is not only does it have the covers, but the covers are made of carbon fiber. Upon inspection they seem to be a legitimate piece with appropriate patina and wear. Maybe bespoke or extremely limited producution… either way we hope the Mugen experts out there can shed some light on these for us! Check out this complete set here.

Finally an oddball from Kic Ltd. produced buy none other than the kyusha colab king, Speed Star. The model is SWC-R, which stands for Sport Wheel Collection and errr… Racing? This wheel available in white, silver, and red is a very-rare find especially with center caps. This particular set’s faces have faded from red to a bright highlighter orange. FF fitment of 14x6J +38 dual drilled in both 4H/100-114.3 and listed here.