A Rays Record

While hunting for Kyusha Shoe paraphernalia, I recently stumbled upon something I never imagined existed.  The first image found was this look at a Volk Racing Centerlock.  I imagined that it was sourced from a catalog, or advertisement.  However a closer look revealed that it was actually…

… An Album Cover.

An album cover for a vinyl record… circa 1982… to celebrate the debut of the Rays Engineering Volk Racing Centerlock wheel.

The track list is composed of great car sounds and commentary on races and racers.

My translation reads…

Side A (Silver)

  • From the 1980 Long Beach Grand Prix
  • Piquet, Arnoux & Andretti Pit Work
  • 1981 Monaco Grand Prix
  • Steward Interview
  • Last lap Ferrari Turbo – Monaco Grand Prix Winner
  • Villeneuve’s Story

Side B (Gold)

  • From the 1982 Lemans 24hr Race
  • Start – Lanaudière (Montreal GP?)
  • 400 kph fly-by
  • Superb! Each cars cornering
  • TWR RX7 Team Pit Work
  • Goal in! Ickx Victory.
  • Never before. Six Wins. (presumably regarding Jackie Ickx 1982 Lemans victory)

It is somewhat disappointing that its not really Rays Engineering specific content, but for the race enthusiast at the time, this would have been something very special.

Found on a yahoo auction archive site, this amazing find sold for less than a single of my favourite onigiri. 100円! Yes, I imagine that not many people are searching through the music category for car stuff. View the expired auction details here.  I regret that I missed it… even if gaining the ability to play it would have required a considerable investment.