Back To Work

It’s been too long since anything happened at KyushaShoes. It would probably still be sitting idle, like it has for the past 11 months, if it weren’t for some serious stimulus from you readers.

It started with a long lost AE86 friend stumbling upon my very first set of kyusha wheels. These Dunlop TE-E’s were a local bargain finder discovery from 1999. They were small, and in about the same rough shape they are today… but no one else had anything like them, so I was happy to make them mine. Now in 2015, I am very happy that car friendships brought these things back into my garage for the cost of a few beers.

Only days after that, and the requisite Instagram post, a flood of inquiry came about the status of the site. So here we go again. This time, I hope that Facebook and other social media can assist with the submission of content. Currently the database has just under 500 wheels in it. The goal for 2016 is to reach 750.

I hope you’ll help. よろしく!