Finding Something Different

For years, I was sure that I would only need one set of old school Japanese wheels to stand out from the crowd and be satisfied with the period-correct look of my car. After purchasing my first set of kyusha wheels, SSR MK-3’s, I almost immediately knew I wanted another set of old school wheels.

I have always been a huge fan of SSR’s old school wheels. For months after I got my MK-3’s, I didn’t consider getting anything but SSR’s. At the time, I knew about some of the more rare classic Japanese wheels; Devil Japan Shadow Spokes, Hayashi Techno and Yayoi, TRD Tosco, Work Equips, etc, but I really didn’t have a desire to look deeper into the rare wheel market to find something truly unique and rare.

SSR F4-logo


About 2 months ago, while browsing YAJ, I came across an SSR I had never seen before. A single 4 spoke, with the familiar oval “SpeedStar” logo on the end of one of the spokes and a decently large dent in the lip. Without hesitation I bid on the wheel, and watched the days count down to the end of the auction. With no other bids, I won the auction and waited for my package to show up on my doorstep.


When my wheel finally showed up I was amazed when I pulled it out of the box. It was far lighter than any other wheel I had ever held in my hands. I looked for clues as to what model this wheel was, but found nothing. I took pictures of it and posted it online in hopes of finding someone with information on the wheel. It took another month before I found out from @prkbkr on Instagram that the wheel is a Speed Star F.4. Without a doubt, this has supercharged my search for the rarest, raddest and oldest wheels out there.