Having Fun With Three Piece

Southern Ways Three Piece Ad - 1979

Southern Ways is best known for their Glids II mesh, but as this advertisement from 1979 shows, there are a whole lot of great kyusha wheels by Southern Ways.  The headline reads, “Your disk, will you change it?” As the image suggests, all six wheels pictured share the same shell design and construction.

In 1979, when three-piece wheels were still in their relative youth, the ability to swap centres around was probably little more than novelty.  Almost forty years later, this has the potential to be a game changer for collectors and treasure hunters.

While five of the six wheels pictured here are ultra-rare at best, the Glids II is an attainable find.  With a longer production run, the Southern Ways Glids II mesh is still relatively popular today.  Often it can even be found in aggressive sizes. Now, the other five wheels feel like once in a lifetime finds at best.

And yet… if you do manage to get your hands on some, rejoice in the fact that they can easily be resized to suit your tastes by mixing and matching shells with other S.W. wheels… all without fighting welds like the wheels from most other main brands will make you do.

While I understand the benefits of modular construction, even when welds are used, if a wheel can’t be taken apart and put back together with some simple tools in my garage, or even trackside, then the term “3-piece” seems a bit of a misnomer. In this ad, Southern Ways is encouraging people to take apart and swap wheel parts? They obviously understand our wheel love.

“Your disk, will you change it?”