My Work Here Is…


In celebration of its 35th anniversary, JAWA (Japanese Alloy Wheel Association) released a very limited edition book detailing the history of the wheel, and the Japanese Alloy Wheel.  As the standard setter for alloy wheels in Japan, JAWA has tested and stamped practically every wheel ever produced in Japan.  This book also suggests that they’ve kept a damn good record of everything that has come through their doors.  The final pages of it appear to be a catalog of every wheel ever produced!

In other words, life has lost all meaning.  Ha!


But while the book appears to have been for sale at one point, it is currently sold out.  A phone conversation with JAWA also indicated that there are no plans to print more copies.  They have however, put a PDF version of the book online for all want to see… minus the good part that we all want to see.  That PDF is HERE.

Thanks to JCP for sharing on Work Wheels Japan Facebook page.