Center Line Regal

The original Center Line wheel (dubbed Auto or Drag in North America) went by the model name Regal in Japan, where it appeared with JWL certification in the late seventies. In North America, the wheel had been in production since 1970 and used 2-piece construction with inner and outer sections, not unlike the Speed Star MK1. Flat faces on each section stacked on top of each other to form the wheel center, with a hub face add-on piece used to add strength and precision to wheel mounting. Original wheels were assembled with rivets and sealant which Center Line boasted provided more strength than traditional Grade 8 bolts.

Simple design and construction led to a wheel that saw use throughout the whole world. Size options were created for a vast range of applications, and weights were competitive with other high-end wheels of the era. 14 7J wheels were listed at 5.3 kg. The Regal remained in production for more than three decades, and while it never gained huge popularity in Japan, it remains a staple wheel for North American enthusiasts.

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Regal (Auto/Drag)

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