Colin Super Shark

In partnership with Colin Project, Kyoho took the epic Star Shark wheel and cast it as a single piece wheel. Although much porkier than the three-piece Star Shark, the Super Shark came with a beautiful slanted lip that makes it a highly sought after wheel to this day. Super Shark seekers should be alert to the Hero Shuttle Racing, which is a blatant clone of the Super Shark. While the Shuttle Racing comes from a find builder, many prefer the pedigree that comes with names like Kyoho and Colin. The Super Shark and Shuttle Racing are easily distinguished by hub pad markings and casting details on the wheel back. The Super Shark shows typical Enkei markings, and even the words “Super Shark” on the edge of the inner shell.

While the Star Shark was available in a wide range of colors (including purple centers or optional bronze shell sections), the Super Shark came in more mundane red or gold. Weight was a significant 6.8 KG for 14 7J sizes.

Various images courtesy of 80sHero. Check it out.

Super Shark hunters should also be aware of the Gloria Super Shark. See here. More info needed.

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