Courrèges ACB

Produced by Yamaco Industries under guidance from French designer Andre Courrèges, the Courrèges line of wheels is one of the most unique and interesting groups of kyusha wheels out there.  The ACB is the most well-known, and common of the group.  Even still it is ultra-rare at best.

Simple but brilliant, the ACB is a dish design that proudly displays the designers initials in big letters that span the face of the wheel.  Details of the design make the wheel exciting.  A three striped centre cap is coloured to match the lettering on the face. Multi-colour lug nuts also fentire the AC logo and are matched to the letter on the face that they sit inside of. The painted finish of the wheels though, is often strangely poor, showing brush strokes in both coloured and white areas, suggesting that the wheels were perhaps hand painted.

Expressing the bright mood of the mediterranean, designer Andre Courrèges said of the wheel, “I want to run them on an open car under a full blue sky.”

Sizing options were quite mild, and targeted towards small cars and female buyers.  14 6J +38 was the largest option.  Three different colour options were available.  The ACB-P had pink and blue lettering.  The ACB-R had red and blue, and unique to the other two colours, also received two coloured stripes along the rim flange.  An ACB-G was also available with all grey lettering, although this is a colour we’ve never seen in the wild.

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