Hayashi Racing Super Street

The first wheel to utilize Hayashi’s now famous and lusted after 2643 Centerlock system was the Super Street.  The 5-spoke design is about as clean and crisp as any, showing strong links to the Hayashi Racing Palace/505.

The centerlock system used a hub adapter with a conventional PCD.  When bolted to the car, the wheel itself would then fit onto the adapter with a large nut tightened using a special Hayashi socket and torque bar to 127ftlbs.  The left side of the car used nuts with reverse thread.  The system was JWL and VIA compliant, and would later be patented by Hayashi.

The wheel appears to have originated in 1979 with only 13 and 14 inch models.  By 1982, 15 inch had been added, and by the end of production, 16″ was also available.  Later wheels, came in a darker gunmetal finish, versus the silver or gold of the early wheels.

With a classic shape, and as perhaps the first consumer friendly centerlock wheel, the Super Street is a highly sought after wheel that tends to fetch quite high prices when all the necessary pieces are attached.

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