Hoshino Impul D-01 5H

The original product of Hoshino Impul Co. Ltd. was the D-01 wheel, representing an original design at the time, and one that would be copied and re-branded by many in the future.  The original D-01 features a simpler look than the later D-01 Silhouette and D-01 G5 with only a single wheel assembly bolt in between wheel centre cutouts.  Original centre caps featured a silver/grey star, rather than the red of later models and years.  Production of the D-01 overlapped with the D-01 continuing until at least 1982.

Five hole models came in fourteen inch diameters only, but widths up to 10J were available, and that probably represents a reason why the wheels are still so sought after, even today.  The original model in 5H PCD however, is certainly the rarest of the Hoshino branded D-01 wheels and an extremely rare find today.

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D-01 5H

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