Hoshino Impul D-01 Silhouette 5H

The second iteration of Hoshino Impul’s most well known wheel.  The D-01 Silhouette was released in 1982 closely resembled the D-01.  The most noticeable difference is the presence of 3 wheel assembly bolts in between centre section cutouts, where the D-01 had only a single bolt.

While the 4H version of the D-01 Silhouette came in 13 inch diameters, the 5H started at 14 inch.  Fifteen and sixteen inch (Extremely rare!) version separated “Hoshino” and “Racing” onto two separate lines.  From what we can tell, 15 and 16″ diameters used the same centre sections, making up the difference in diameter with a taller shell section. The wheels use a front mounted centre, and a bead of weld on the back of the face gives extra support to the 20 assembly bolts.

The D-01 wheels are generally thought of as Nissan wheels given the companies close relationship with the brand in racing, and the production of complete tuner cars based on Nissan models. The early D-01 and D-01 Silhouette were made for all brands and were available in a diverse array of sizes for more than just the Nissan brand.

The 5H versions are several steps up the rare scale compared to the 4H, which is still relatively common in used markets today.  That makes the 5H version, of what is already an iconic wheel, even more special than it’s 4H brother.

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