Racing Hart Super Spoke

The Racing Hart Super trio of wheels (Mesh, Fin and Spoke) were the second iteration of the popular Spinner trio.  With slightly larger centre sections and full reverse mounting on 14 & 15″ sizes, it can take a discerning eye to identify the Super models from the original.  Some have suggested that Super models came with hex-centre caps only, but catalogs show that both hex and three point spinner style caps were upgrade options on all styles of both Spinner and Super wheels.

A variety of colour options existed, but in the tradition of Racing Hart, they were of more mature flavour: gunmetal, chrome, and white chrome.

Construction was done by SSR, and as expected is ultra-high quality.  The wheel utilizes SSR type electron locking center caps composed of a threaded collar that bolts to the wheel centre, a plate that covers the PCD area, and a hex, or spinner center cap that tops it off.

This is an ultra-high quality, lightweight wheel with the a style that appeals to a diverse crowd, and prices often reflect that.


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Super Spoke

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