Rays Volk Racing 84C

A mesh wheel, with all the accessories you could ever want, from perhaps the greatest wheel builder of all time. The Volk Racing 84C was based on the Volk Racing Mesh, and available with silver or gold-colored centers, however the wheel is certainly best enjoyed with that center undercover. Rays Engineering delivered the features of a true aero race wheel to the street, with the Volk Racing 84C.  Aero accessories allowed four unique configurations for different driving scenarios.

  1. Cooling Fin – install the full diameter aero cover for increased ventilation and brake cooling at speeds under 100 km/h.
  2. Duct Ring – add the red duct trim ring for additional cooling at increased speeds.
  3. Cover Ring – coined the ultimate aerodynamic piece, reducing the coefficient of drag, while maintaining brake cooling at speeds up to 350 km/h.
  4. Moon Cap – Reducing drag even further, the Moon Cap is designed for extended usage in the range of 200 km/h.

With an extended range of sizes available, the 84C and its aerodynamic benefits could be fit to nearly any vehicle. Premium pricing, however, made this an extremely rare wheel even in the eighties. Today it deserves unicorn status as maintaining the full assembly of accessories tests even the most committed collectors.

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Racing 84C


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