Spit Modena Racing Wolf

Commonly known simply as the Spit Modena, the wheel was produced by Easy Riders Corp in conjunction with Enkei, who provided the parts.  Before the Racing Wolf model name was introduced, the wheel was simply known as the Spit Modena 6 (1979 at least).

In later years of production, catalogs show a variety of Racing Wolf types, offering unique sizes and colouring variations.  There are lots of colours available, some quite unique and obviously more rare than others.  In general though, the wheel is not terribly uncommon.

Sizes are 13 and 14 inch diameter only, with widths up to 8J.

There are some similar wheels out there, including the Rays Gotti/Gotti Type 140 and even the Aster Spit Modena 6.  😮 Note that every Easy Riders Spit Modena wheel uses a sandwiched center section with 12 hex-head (not socket-head cap) assembly bolts and in the centre section has Spit Modena cast in between two bolt holes, and JWL/VIA markings on the opposite side from them.

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Spit Modena 6, Racing Wolf

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イージーライダーズ, スピット モデナ, レーシングウルフ