Super Star SS-05

Released in 1981, the SS-05 arrived on the scene at the same time as it’s doppelgänger, the Hayashi Techno Project TRX.  Both are sought after wheels today, but the Super Star SS-05 is probably more interesting, with some extreme sizing and unique colors possible.

The wheel was available in black, red, and gold, with two-tone options that colored the flat central part of the wheel face a different color than the raised star-shaped outline.  Like much of the other SS line-up, gold-colored shell sections were also possible, although are ultra-rare today. Unfortunately, most examples found now are simply gold with polished shells.

In distinguishing from the T.R.X., the SS-05 uses 12 assembly bolts instead of eight, and a centre section that is void of markings on the back side.  The shell sections, are also quite different – particularly in wider sizes where Super Star uses some beautiful long sloping lips.

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