Work Equip Spinning 4 Spoke

Following the single-piece casted Equip (01) by one year, the “Spinning” version (named for it’s spun shell sections and 3-pieice construction, came to market late in 1978.

The early production run included only 13 and 14 inch diameters. Width went all the way up to 10J.

Slight variations of the wheel exist. The earliest productions (likely 1978 and 1979 only) used six assembly bolts instead of 8, and have centres that were cast by Enkei, that even carry Enkei markings. Some have suggested that these 6 bolt models are knock-offs of real Work wheels, but these 6-bolt variations did appear in Work advertisements, and come equipped with the famed Work PASS stickers.  It wasn’t until December 1979 that Work opened their own plant capable of producing 3-piece wheels.

There are minor differences between the castings of the centres versus later models, including the placement of JWL and VIA markings. On the Enkei made models they appear immediately adjacent the wheel mounting holes, where as later models tuck them down on the black painted section beside the spokes.

The only colour ever available was black with silver highlights.  By 1983, sizing went all the way up to 15 7J (9J for the 5H), and the Equip 01 shared shell sections and construction with a whole line of Equip wheels:, Equip 02 and Equip 03 as well as four Equip Spirit.  It wasn’t until these other Equip wheels were launched that this original Equip wheel became known as the Equip 01.

Production appears to have ended in 1983, but then, as early as 2001, Work put the design back into production.  These re-production wheels are easily identifiable as they use double (or more) the quantity of wheel assembly bolts.  The re-production wheels did come in a wider variety of sizes and even PCD100.



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