Work Equip Casting 5 Spoke

Launching in 1977, the Work Equip came in both 4 Spoke (4 hole PCD) and 5 Spoke (5H) versions. While the 4 Spoke is the more well known, and inspired a whole whack of clones, the 5 Spoke version is an equally attractive wheel that came in some very aggressive sizes.  This lends to some very awesome and deep slanted lips.

Like the 4 Spoke, slightly different variations of the 5 Spoke exist, although for the most part, the identifiable differences are only the wheel back and manufacturing related markings.  At least three different variations exist.

A three-piece (Spinning) version of the wheel was released late in 1978, and is likely the more rare find today.  However, the casted version often demands higher prices in used markets today with a cleaner, deeper look…  especially in ultra-large negative offset sizes!


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