Rays Guaranty Card

My spelling is often terrible… but you can’t blame me here.  I’m just trying to accurately portray history.

In 1980, if you purchased a set of Rays Engineering Volk, or Xray wheels, they came with a nifty plastic card that insured your wheels against theft.  The translation reads:

Volk & Xray
Theft Insurance
If you purchase Volk or Xray wheel, it comes with the industry’s first theft insurance. For that one-in-a-million case, you get a guarantee (Guaranty Card).
Carry your Guaranty Card, to participate in this fun project in the future.

Fun Project? Like getting your wheels stolen is fun?

That is not what is being implied.  Instead, I think that a Guaranty Card was also a pass/ticket, possibly for Rays events or even discounts/benefits on future purchases.  Once again, we must give Rays Engineering credit for being willing to try new things.

On the wheel front, this advertisement found in a 1980 Motorfan Magazine shows the whole Rays Engineering line-up from the year. Happily, it includes the unobtainable Volk Dish which I find quite drool worthy, showing an even simpler and more engineering focused design than the rest of an already less than flashy line-up.