Re-Entry Riverge

Pasco Fame Riverge

For all wheel fanatics, the Riverge seems to be a favourite.  Most commonly listed as a River Side product though, I’ve often wondered why it looks so different, and takes minimal design cues from other River Side wheels. I wonder why no more.  The Riverge is not actually a product of River Side.

Who knew? Well maybe some of you did.  Some of Japan does, although most Japanese sites simply list the wheel as “Riverge”.  The majority of English language resources, from “For Sale” ads to other “Databases” list it as a River Side product.

So for the first time… I present the Pasco Fame Riverge.

Pasco Fame Riverge 1983

Many thanks to Tanaka-san for sending in these magazine excerpts circa 1982.

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Pasco Fame Riverge Pasco Fame Riverge