Top 5 by 100 Wheels for Hachiroku Lovers

ZN6 Ultimate Kyusha Shoes

For lots of AE86 owners, non driving extracurricular activities involved wheel shopping.  4×114.3 hubs, and the ability to accept a wide variety of wheel diameters and widths made this a fun and relaxing activity.  AE86 owners who stepped into the modern hachiroku, the ZN6, struggle though to enjoy wheel shopping in the same way.

In comparison to 4X114.3 life (and basically every other PCD), 5X100 life is disheartening.  Yes there are some great modern lightweight wheels available for the car, but if you fancy the kyusha style and want to set your car apart from all the other catalog built cars out there, a quality used set of wheels is a fun choice.

As an aftermarket wheel bolt pattern, 5X100 didn’t really exist until the late eighties, but the sixteen inch diameter the ZN6 requires were gigantic for that era. Thinking old school, the mid-nineties is about the best we can hope for. There is lots of stuff out there for the car that is newer than that, but if you cared about those options then you probably wouldn’t be here.  As a new ZN6 owner, here are some of the wheels that I’ve had eyes open for in used wheel marketplaces.

#1 – Watanabe F8F
Why buy Rota’s copy when the real ultimate Hachiroku wheel is out there? The F8F is fairly commonly available in 17 7J 40, but more aggressive widths and offsets are available in fifteen, sixteen and seventeen inch diameters. As a plus, fifteen inch diameters are known to clear Subaru 4 pot calipers. Real magnesium construction is available too, for significant dollars. Given Bunta’s certain approval, it’s likely worth it regardless.
RS Watanabe F8 and F8F
#2 – Suzuka Longchamp XR-4Z Kai
Built using SSR’s Semi Solid Forging techniques, the Lonchamp XR-4Z Kai came out in 1996 with sizing for bigger cars. Sixteen through eighteen inch diameters are available, with widths up to 10.5J. Sixteen and seventeen inch examples use a reverse mounted shell. The 18 uses a conventional stepped lip, but is much more rare. The XR-4Z Kai is not quite the classic Longchamp XR-4 from the early 80’s, but you can’t get any closer without resorting to modern knock off brands.
Suzuka Longchamp XR-4Z Kai 5X100
The classic MK-2 is comfortably at home on an AE86, and the modern MK-IIR should work equally well on the ZN6. 5X100 is a challenging find, and sixteen inch is the biggest diameter, but 8 and 9J widths are available in middle offsets. Black, red, blue, gold and silver are factory colours, which means that like the original MK-2, some extra flare comes standard.
#4 SSR EX-C Fin
Look long and hard, but they are out there in sixteen and seventeen inch sizes and 5X100 bolt pattern. In fact, the whole EX-C line up can fit here, but the Fin is my personal favourite. It is also to the best of my knowledge, the only classic looking fin available in both 5X100 and 17″ diameter. Not surprisingly, this is the oldest wheel on this list. The EX-C line up came in 17″ as early as 1988.
SSR EX-C Fin 5X100
#5 Work Equip 05
The Equip 05 is not quite the Equip 01, 02 or Excel, but it carries the same name and a classic look in sizes that fit the ZN6 well.  Diameters up to eighteen inch are available, as well as some really big widths. Exactly when these wheels started production is unknown,  but production dates from 1997 to 2005 have been observed. Finding a set in good condition is not a terribly challenging exercise.
Work Equip 05 5X100