Bridgestone Potenza TR-3

Originally released as the Zone Special Stage-I, in 1981 the wheel was renamed to the Potenza TR-3. This beautiful four spoke wheel goes by both names, with the only noticeable difference between the two being the centre cap.  Sizes were mild width 13 and 14 inch diameters, with 4H PCD114.3 the only offering.  The wheel is very similar in design to the Speed Star F4, but unfortunately wasn’t available in the big sizes offered by the F4.  The Special Stage-I though, rivals the quality and detail of that of Speed Star… though perhaps with a sanitary flavour you might expect from a global entity like Bridgestone.  This Bridgestone wheel and others in the same line, are some of the few from this era that offered 3-piece construction, without the insurance of welding post assembly.  Weight is in the range of 5.0kg for 14 6J examples.

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TR-3 / Special Stage-I

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