From 1000 to 297000

The hardcore Kyusha Shoe community was abuzz last weekend when one of the more interesting auction finds that […]

A Hiro Born

With a logo showing a star wearing shades and a rizento cut, Hiro Engineering has always been a […]

Mass Appeal Wheel

Enkei is a big-time wheel builder. The Hamamatsu based company was one of four original JWL manufacturers.  On a global scale, […]

Rays Guaranty Card

My spelling is often terrible… but you can’t blame me here.  I’m just trying to accurately portray history. […]

A Rays Record

While hunting for Kyusha Shoe paraphernalia, I recently stumbled upon something I never imagined existed.  The first image […]



Among Kyusha wheels, there are a select few that stand apart from others, usually because of unique design […]

Patented Design

Vintage catalogs and reader submissions are great, but every once in a while we come across some really unique […]