Hayashi Racing Street

Of all the wheels that are challenging to catalog, the Hayashi Racing Street is maybe the most difficult.

Originating in 1969 as a race wheel custom made for Hayashi’s Carmen Apache, the Street was configured shortly after to be Hayashi’s first commercial product. Now nearly fifty years later, it is still in production.  Over this tremendous span of time the Street has undergone various subtle changes, but the design, construction (cast) and even wheel finish has generally remained true to the original.  That is as good of a testament as any to the wide appeal of the wheel, and the commitment and respect by Hayashi for the design and it’s heritage.

Diameters range from 10 inch all the way to 17 inch with PCD and offsets for basically any vehicle.   In early years, sub-models that existed were simply the Mini and FF., Diameters were only 10, 13 and 14 inch.  Today, the Street has become a whole line-up of wheels with alphabetical sub-models designating various intended fitments.  We don’t dare delve into that.  Those interested should check out http://www.hayashiracing.com.

Nearly half a century of production has seen involvement from a number of manufacturing parties (Kobe Steel and Campagnolo are two) as well as various casting details and markings that vary not only with production date but size as well.  The “Hayashi Racing” name however can be found on all of them, cast into one of four locations (front or back of the spoke, on the hub pad, or along the outer face of the rim flange).

From the late seventies to modern-day, multiple companies have cloned the design.  Potential buyers should be aware… but in general authentic Streets are not a challenge to find.

With such great history behind it, and vast availability, we could suggest that Kyusha owners combined have owned a more sets of Streets than any other wheel.  That idea alone, makes the Hayashi Racing Street one of the greatest JWL wheels of all time.

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