Colin Star Shark 4H

A personal favorite of many, the original Star Shark, appears in the JAWA bible as a 1980 registrant. It remained in production through to the late eighties.  Produced by Speed Star for Colin, the wheel is commonly known as the SSR Star Shark.

Both early and late version of the wheel include Speed Star markings, with the words “Speed Star” cast into the backside of the wheel, and the famous “スピードスター” assembly bolts.

Early versions (until at least 1983) had both “COLIN” and “Speed Star” cast onto the back of the spokes.  Later versions said only “Speed Star.”

Unique at the time, the wheel was available in 4H PCD100 with some aggressive widths (13 9J -24!?).  Originally, only PCD114 and PCD120 went, up to 14 9J -24, but in later years it appears PCD100 and 110 were also adopted to the bigger diameter.  Fifteen-inch diameters have been shared, but in extremely low quantities, and we’ve never seen any documentation that includes them.  Ultra-rare!

A 5H version of the wheel was produced in limited sizing, with a unique 10 pointed center.  Colin also sold a “Star Shark Mini” and “Super Shark” albeit in cooperation with Enkei/Kyoho rather than Speed Star.

Besides the unique design, a huge part of the attraction of the wheel today is its variety of color options.  Most commonly found is red and gold.  Purple and black centers were also available though, and gold or black anodized shells were an option at the original time of purchase.  Today colored shells are an ultra-rare find.

At 4.8kg for 14 6J sizes, this wheel is a true lightweight even by today’s standards. It is probably one of the most sought after Kyusha Shoes that is still somehow… somewhat commonly available today.

Controversially, Tanabe recently put the design back into production.  With original models still available on the used market, we hope that they will continue to hold their value versus the new productions, which don’t share the same standards of construction that the original feature.

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