Suzuka Long Champ XR-4

The Long Champ XR-4 is an iconic design, but certainly not the first of its kind.  Production started in 1980, with Speed Star doing the work for Suzuka Sangyo.  The wheel is still in production today. Speed Star is no longer doing the work, although production by the Osaka based company continued past the year 2000.

Later wheels have some visual differences which include (besides updated stickers) the word “LONG CHAMP” cut into the outer shell section, and updated assembly bolts that say simply “SSR”.  Older wheels use the well-known katakana “スピードスター” bolts.

A huge range of sizes are available, including FF specific models in 12, 13 and 14 inch diameters.  For a limited time (1986 at least) sixteen inch diameters were available, and in the earliest years, black shell sections were an upgrade option. Polished with black background highlights was the only option for the centre disk.

With such a long period of production, and a vast amount of sizes made, this is NOT an uncommon wheel.  It is still a favourite of many.

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Long Champ XR-4



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