From 1000 to 297000

The hardcore Kyusha Shoe community was abuzz last weekend when one of the more interesting auction finds that […]


Fatlace announced a collaboration with AME back in 2010, and finally something has come of it.  They are […]

Marry These.

Given the cost and complication of importing wheels from Japan, it’s always pleasant to come across rare finds […]

It’s A Rap on Ebay

IMO, it’s pretty rare to see interesting stuff on Ebay.  These Bridgestone FVS Super Raps are currently listed […]

Five/5 Points

Four hole Star Sharks are relatively common.  These five holes are on Yahoo Auctions this week.  If I’ve […]

Yahoo Search Aid

I’m getting lots of emails recently about buying things off Yahoo Auctions Japan, and I don’t have […]


The wheel search isn’t going so well. So much so, that I’ve almost decided to go with boring […]