Advan A3A

Not the first 3-spoke, but certainly the most well-known.  The Advan A3A was in production from 1979 all the way to the year 2000, when Yokohama continued to produce it strictly for Hachiroku fitment in size 14 6J +6.  A long production run specifically for the AE86, and the fact that this is the wheel was fit to the iconic Advan Carrot Flashpoint Trueno driven by Tsuchiya himself, make this arguably the most iconic AE86 wheel. (RS Watanabe, we name you runner-up)

At launch 13 inch diameters were available in 6J to 8J and 14 inch from 6J to 7J, and at some point they even made a 15 6J +6. Colors were only red and silver.

With a twenty year production run, this wheel is not rare, and with mild sizing, is generally not expensive.  14 6J versions are just under 5kg.

If you are looking for something extra special, 13inch diameter, 7J and wider versions of the wheel came with a unique face with the markings “Advan Racing” on them.  These can be found in widths up to 10 inch, which as far as we can tell, was likely a custom size that did not make its way into catalog listings.


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