August Japan AJ-R

The AJ-R belongs in a group with the rarest of the rare.  We’ve never observed a real life set, and they are even a challenge to find in catalogs and magazines.  The wheel is often referred to as the August Japan Super Aerodynamics, but it seems the model name was actually AJ-R.  Real aerodynamic gains are claimed to come from an aero-cover, which fits over top of what is said to be a “dish” type wheel.

Catalogs claim that both an asymmetrical aero cover, and a flat cover were available, with news headlines reading that the wheel could be used for aggressive circuit driving, or “safe” comfortable driving.

Size ranges were from 13.5.5J all the way to 16 8J in 4 and 5H PCD.

With a lack of information or even discussion on this wheel out there, and the fact that it comes from a high-ranking brand, with some very unique features, and what looks to be a limited (2 year) production run… We’ve given the wheel a perfect KS score of 10/10.

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