Aster Spit Modena 6

Well this is confusing.

The Aster Company Spit Modena 6 not only carries the same model name as the Easy Riders Spit Modena 6, but also looks almost exactly like it.  Even the font/logo is the same! Some notable differences though are: (1) the center face is clean with no markings, (2) the wheel assembly bolts use a socket-head cap bolt, and (3) the Aster Company model comes in sizes unique to the Easy Rider model.

Ads for this Aster Company have only been observed in 1979, but they may have also existed a few years prior.  Very confusing indeed.  Given that the Easy Riders Spit Modena 6 model seemed to appear late 1979, it is possible that Easy Riders purchased the design? We’re speculating.

Available colours for the Aster Company Spit Modena 6 were gold, silver and orange only.

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