Rays Engineering Super Volk

Another example of Rays Engineering dominating the technical side of wheel building.  The Super Volk may not have a look that appeals to all, but it was the first wheel, and one of very few to use a monocoque construction (I.E. hollow castings).  It combined that with an asymmetrical aero design which pulled air outwards past the brakes when the car was in forward motion.

Rays dubbed it, “Super Progressive Monocoque Aero Wheel”.

The wheel was cast with hollow spokes, improving strength and stiffness without a weight penalty.  This was something you paid for in 円 though.  MSRP for the wheel was greater than most other wheels: cast, modular forged or other.  The wheel launched in 1984, but was altered slightly in 1985.

Early wheels can be identified by:

  • Standard Rays Engineering hub pad with cut outs in between bolt holes
  • Blank centre cap
  • Available silver colour
  • Recesses/cut outs in the back of the four spokes
  • Conventional valve stem mounting on the rim section.

In 1985 the design was slightly revised, and the revision was carried through the remainder of production (1988?).  Later wheels have…

  • Texted center cap, reading “Super Progressive Monocoque Aero Wheel – Super Volk – Rays Engineering – Artisan Spirit.”
  • Centrally located valve stem, filling the tire through the hollow spoke.
  • Champagne Gold colour
  • Unique for Rays wheels, flat hub pad
  • Flat back faced spokes with texts reading, “Rays Engineering Artisan Spirit,” “Aero Wheel,” “Super Progressive,” “Monocoque Super Volk.”

All years of the wheel were available in Rays Ceramic White colour.

With asymmetrical, aero design, and a monocoque casting, the wheel was a big hit, and various other brands with connections to Rays Engineering latched on to the design and re-branded it for their purposes.  Arban Speed, Zion, K4 Stuff for example all sold the wheel with their names on it.

Today the wheel is becoming increasingly rare and sought after. Even though it's appearance may be less than fashionable in the eyes of some, the design is without doubt, unique and innovative, winning Rays multiple awards at time of release.

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