Square Wolf



I should be apologetic, after all, I’m the guy who more than a year ago now wanted your emails… but I’m only one guy, and you all easily overwhelmed me. If you submitted content, and I didn’t respond, be sure that I checked things out and flagged your contributions for a later update. Perhaps now those updates will commence.


How can I not get riled up seeing stuff like these? These Walter Wolf’s and a couple of other equally impressive finds showed up in my email inbox this morning courtesy of Robbie J.


The size of this example is 14 6J +20, and if you know your wheels, they will look intensely familiar despite being nothing like other Walter Wolf wheels. It seems that what we are looking at is a re-badged Bridgstone Preo, which is a pretty awesome wheel to begin with. Clearly those big square center caps and silver coloured bolts add a lot though!