And Now His Watch Is Ended


Someone recently emailed me about these shoes found on yahoo auction: definitely the unicorn of kyusha wheels. No idea what he paid, but I know what he could sell them for and who might buy them. Rad stuff. There is very little documentation on stuff this old (1981-1985ish), and of this variety very very few are still in existence. In close to ten years of searching I never once saw a set like this for sale, and only knew of their existence because of one shakotan RA21 seen in DoriTen. At that point I didn’t notice any stampings on the wheel face. Here we see SS-07-14… where SS denotes Super Star, 07 denotes the sub-model number and 14 the wheel diameter. This particular set is 14 9J -16 and seems to be in original condition, wheel weight of 5.65kg/each also indicates that even 30 years ago Japan knew how to make a light wheel.