Challenge Défi

Designed by Challenge Co. Ltd., and built by Speed Star, the Défi Fin is an extravagant asymmetrical aero wheel.  With 20 fins designed to mimic the aerodynamic effects of a jib sail, the Défi claims extreme brake cooling effect, pulling air outwards from under the car.

Challenge Racing Division features the experimental Racing Silhouette, presents the progressive aero dynamic Défi.

Cataloged diameters are 14 through 16 inch, with the wider 15 inch versions getting fully reverse mounted shells.  Sixteen was not available until post 1990.  Fourteen inch was available in FF specific sizing only.

Available colours were white, silver and pink chrome with a flat moon cap standard, and Speed Star’s beautiful electron locking centre cap a premium option in variable colours.

Combine aerodynamic performance with a clean crisp look, and the high-end features of a Speed Star wheel at the time and the result is one of the more sought after wheels of the eighties and nineties.  Even well-worn sets can fetch close to 300,000円 in marketplaces.

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