Advan Super Forging

Yokohama’s first departure from single past cast wheels, was the four spoke Super Forging, which launched mid 1979 just ahead of the three-piece A3A.  The Super Forging copied construction design that was used prior by Weds: a forged centre section welded to a spun shell.  Only one size was offered: 13 5.5J +20.  It came in both gold and silver finishes.  At only 4.3kg, the wheel was on the extreme end of lightweight.

The design however, was quickly abandoned in favour of the three-piece series, which included the A3A, among others  Modular construction allowed not only a diverse range of sizes, but also significant cost savings, with negligible weight penalty.

Such a short production span, and only one size option, makes the Super Forging an ultra-rare wheel, and a very special find for small PCD114.3 cars.

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