Weekly Wheel Roundup Pt. 2


Time for the second installment of our Weekly Wheel Roundup and luckily the finds did not disappoint! Let jump right into it – Enjoy!

Bell Racing making another appearance only this time in the extremely rare BRA-104 model. This 4 piece set was sized at 13x6J 4H / 114.3 +15 and sold on yahoo auctions for only 15,500 yen. Not bad for such a hard to find set!


Next up is the Work Spirit 33, another extremely rare wheel. This set looked to be in great shape, featuring a cool red and polished finish, and even came complete with caps! Sizing was 14x7J 4H / 114.3, and I say was, because this set sold for a respectable 52,809 yen.


Enkei has such a wide variety of wheel models that few really stand out, but one that is certainly unique is the Enkei AP Rolling. A simple dish style with inset accent lines and an octagonal center bore really defines the AP Rolling. [edit: This set, in the most average size of all (14x6J 4H / 114.3 +15) went through auction a couple of times with a starting price of 23,990円, but never got any action.]


There is something incredibly compelling about tri-spoke wheels that you either seem to love or hate. You better believe we love these tri-spoke FJ Liebe Turbos. This particular pair in 13x7J 4H / 114.3 +0, has slightly different markings on the face than other examples we’ve seen before.  Instead of seeing “FJ LIEBE” see only “LIEBE”. Everything else looks identical though, including that awesome slant lip. Only one day left on the auction we will be keeping an eye on these to see where the hammer falls on the price. Check them out here. [edit: this pair sold for 6,000円]


Check out these rare Super Star SS-01 in 14x6J 4H / 114.3 +18! This set, complete with centercaps, definitely has seen its fair share of corrosion. But it looks like some lucky buyer was able to see past the surface and snag this set for only 19,800 yen.  At that price… do you refinish? Or maybe run as is??


To finish up this week we have a collaboration from well-known Work, and not so well-known Lesco. The listing features both a pair of Hayashi Techno TRV and a pair of the very rare Lesco Pulse 1.  Size seems to be 14×6.5J 4H/ 114.3 unknown offset. Recently listed here. [edit: this set sold for 50,000円]

Let’s see what pops up next week!