Weekly Wheel Roundup Pt. 7

JMW AD-SCX an unique looking wheel that is definitely a rare find. Calling this pair rough would be generous. The old caps are well rusted through, lips oxidized and faces chipped. Even still a worthy share! Sizes in a common 14x6J 4H/114.3 +10 and with a 16,800 yen price tag I imagine they will be floating around for a while. Check them out here.

A ultra rare wheel from Yokohama, the Advan Super Forging. Few examples of these have popped up in the last few years so we are excited to share this one with you. Not the most aesthetically unique wheel but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in illusiveness. One size only 13×5.5J 4H/114.3 +20 can be seen here.

Another brand that is hardly seen is this wheel from Clime Racing. A wide slant lip and interesting face make this a very cool kyusha shoe. Sets can be had relatively cheap but a no quick find. This pair is sized in 14x6J 4H/114.3 +13 and can be seen here.

Hayashi is best known for their models like the Street, Yayoi, and Techno line up, but this is nothing like those. The Hayashi Toripola is at best an ultra rare find. It’s a simple tri-spoke design exclusively for FWD. You better believe if I had an ef honda these would be on there in a heartbeat. 14x6J 4H/100 +40 check them out here.

Race purpose! Yep these Work Ralliart Mirage wheels are basically useless unless you’ve done some serious retrofitting, but damn they look cool. Surprisingly we’ve seen more examples of these come through the auctions than we’d ever have thought. If you’re looking for some killer garage art check these out here.

Finally we have a wheel with an identity crisis. The Ueda Super Eight RS by SSR, surprisingly not branded by RS Watanabe. Already the rarest of the 8 banana-spoke configurations, this pair is in NOS Condition! Multi drilled for 4/5 hole PCD’s in 17×9 +34, we could see this going on a variety of 90’s classics. Take a look here.