With hundreds upon hundreds of wheels out there, we must note that identifying wheels is often a great challenge.  While many wheel model names and manufacturers have been confirmed with product brochures and advertisements in vintage magazines, others leave us scratching our heads and wondering exactly what they are.  Often times a general consensus exists as to what a wheel’s model name and manufacturer are, despite a lack of real documentation.  In this case, we have typically adopted consensus data.  In cases where controversy exists, we have tried to note that in the database, and tag wheels as being questionable for future investigation.  If you think we’ve made a mistake, your feedback is more than welcome, but please approach us with usable evidence in hand.

Wheel Details

As for descriptions of wheels and their details, we have made an attempt to describe the availability and cost of each model listed, but I advise you not to place tremendous weight on them. It is certainly hard to determine the prices of USED wheels as each individual set is judged by its size and condition. Furthermore, when buying used parts online, as at a swap meet, one can get lucky and find interesting things hidden in strange places, with details or true value unknown to sellers. What is given is an approximation and nothing more.


  • As a general note, the “cost” grade starts at LOW, which would put a complete set of wheels in the median size of a condition not needing repair or excessive refinishing, under 2,0000円.
  • MID range would from 2,0000円 to 5,0000円.
  • HIGH is approaching 10,0000円 and beyond.


  • If we can visit a marketplace at any time and find a couple examples of a certain wheelset in a specific size, they are listed as COMMON.
  • RARE implies that we might find one example or two at any given time, but probably in limited size or PCD options.
  • VERY RARE indicates a wheel that is only ever seen from time to time, and if one is shopping for a specific size or color of that wheel, they will probably be shopping for a long time.
  • EXTREMELY RARE wheels will appear even more seldomly and require a great investment of time and energy to find.
  • Searching for ULTRA-RARE wheels will leave you feeling hopeless, and may only appear after months and months of hunting.
  • Wheels classified as UNOBTAINABLE, are wheels that might be considered extinct or have never been observed except in catalogs or brochures.

Other fields of interest which I have tried to note when confirmed by solid data are production dates and wheel weights.  Again, your submissions and feedback are welcome.