Almex Y3B

Y for Almex. 3 for three-piece series. B for the second version.  The Y3B comes from Yokohama’s entry-level wheel brand, but it is likely the missing link from Yokohama’s racey Advan brand and it’s three-piece series.  That series, the A3 series includes versions A, C, D and E but notably not B.

The Y3B shares shells sections with all these wheels.  Like the Advan A3D, the Y3B uses a front mounted centre section, and thus the two wheels share many sizes.  Unfortunately the Y3B is limited in width (5.5J or 6J only).  Diameters are 13 and 14 inch.  Bolt circle diameter was 114.3mm, and 4H and 5H versions were available.  The 5H (ultra-rare) used 5 spokes instead of four to accommodate.

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