Advan A3D

Brother to the A3A, the A3D uses a very similar centre section, that is easily identifiable with a red strip outlining the spokes.  To add another element of change, this centre is front mounted, where as the A3A used a conventional sandwich mount.  Using the same shell sections, this means that the A3D gives slightly different offsets (between 5 & 6mm positive).  Spoiling some modular wheel fun, Yokohama still welded these wheels together, running a bead between the back of the centre to the rear shell.

Available colours were black and silver only, although many examples today, have now seen themselves polished.  At time of release, the A3D was the only wheel in the A3 series to come in 15″ diameters, and today they are found almost as commonly in the bigger diameter as they are the two smaller sizes.  However the wheel in general, is becoming more and more challenging to acquire.

So while it may not be the original 3-spoke Advan, we should probably consider it a more interesting and valuable alternative to the A3A.


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