Hoshino Impul D-01 4H

The original product of Hoshino Impul Co. Ltd. was the D-01 wheel, representing an original design at the time, and one that would be copied and re-branded by many in the future.  The original D-01 features a simpler look than the later D-01 Silhouette and D-01 G5 with only a single wheel assembly bolt in between wheel centre cutouts.  Original centre caps featured a silver/grey star, rather than the red of later models and years.  Production of the D-01 overlapped with the D-01 continuing until at least 1982.

Thirteen and fourteen inch diameters were available in 4H PCD’s, and some big widths were available as well.  As the oldest, and possibly shortest production run of other D-01 variants, the original model is the rarest, and possibly most desirable as well, with a cleaner and simpler look.

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D-01 4H

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