Techno Project T.R.V. No.IV

Originating in 1981 as part of a newly established Techno Project brand from Hayashi Racing, the T.R.V. (Techno Racing V) had the familiar shape of the Star Shark, without the hard edges and sharp points. This basic design was used in a few different configurations by Hayashi. A T.R.V. Mini was available in 10-inch, high offset sizes. The T.R.X. used three-piece construction, with shells shared by the Techno Phantom wheel. And both the T.R.V. and T.R.X. were given No.IV and No.V sub-model names for four and five-hole versions. Given just that, it is not surprising that the official name of the wheel is a common point of confusion. Furthermore, originally branded as Techno Project, the wheel was later pulled back under the Hayashi Racing name as the Techno TRV.

The four hole TRV (T.R.V. No.IV?) is by far the most common of these, and is not too difficult to find today. Although discontinued now, Hayashi Racing did quite recently put the wheel back into production. Sales of these modern re-productions doesn’t appear to have been great, but because of it there are certainly more of these wheels out there in used markets than there would be otherwise. Both original and more modern productions used the same castings. Size range was 13 6J all the way to a negative offset 14 10J. Gold has always been the only colour offering.

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